Real Estate Sales and Brokers License, Compliance and Opportunity

In working with MY sales agent license, approved by TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) there’s a lot of the usual, as we call it these days, COMPLIANCE.  However, remember that this is also an OPPORTUNITY, since the agent has the opportunity to complete the transaction, get paid, and actually reduce or remove liability by ensuring compliance with the TREC rules.

Much of the information that you might need comes from TREC in their posts.   However, this website and blogpost,

Keeps track of may compliance issues.



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Thanks for contacting us. The office is on Hwy. 281 North, just north of Bitters, near Oak Shadows/Winding Way.  The address is 14607 San Pedro, Ste. 100, San Antonio, TX 78232.

The trick is to find IHOP on the east side of Hwy. 281, and we are directly across the freeway from them. The other trick is to keep an eye out for TOSHIBA in red letters, both on the sign out front and on the building. Their part of the facility is thousands of square feet, beside our office and on the second floor of the building, and they are, therefore, deserving of sign rights.

Drive north of Bitters on Hwy. 281, and take the Oak Shadows/Winding Way exit. Take a U-turn, headed back to the south, and move to the right-hand lane. The building is Village Park One, but you can pull into any driveway of either of those two story, red brick buildings, starting with the entrance for One Medical Park . Drive to the building that indicates Toshiba, or Cross Financial, and enter at the double glass doors. Our space is to the immediate left, on the lobby.

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2016 General Election – Judicial Races

Friends and Associates,

Again, I dare to make the election selection of judicial candidates. As in the past, the important assets are judicial temperament, trial and legal experience, and a nod to incumbents who are intelligent and knowledgeable. I am opposed to straight-ticket voting, voting for a familiar name, and position leading to arrogance on the bench (no names, and you can’t assume that any trait applies to any unselected person).

Below are my suggestions. The first set is just the names, no comments. For those that want to review some comments, they follow the list of picks. If you want to print them, the pdf’s are right here:



David Bosworth, October 2016

Bexar County, Texas

Cramdown of value on a motor vehicle, to pay replacement value only, in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, not full amount due.

Cramdown of value on a motor vehicle, to pay replacement value only, not full amount due.

The first consideration is whether the loan is over 910 days old. The 2005 Bankruptcy “Reforms” protected automobile finance companies, sellers, and lenders, by forcing the purchaser of a vehicle within the last 910 days to pay the full amount of the debt on the car. This is typically a predatory amount of higher than retail price, excessive interest, and worthless add-ons like insurance, warranties, and undercoating.

However, if debtor is in this “more than 910 days” area, then he might be able to pay only the value. But what is the value? By definition, it is “replacement value”, or the price a retail merchant would charge today for a car like this one, taking into consideration the age and condition of the car. A start to determine that value is and NADA books. Also, factor in particular discrepancies, like accident damage, or required repairs.

Your attorney can help in properly filing this information and getting the appropriate payment in the plan.

David A. Bosworth
Bankruptcy Attorney
San Antonio, TX


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