Best Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Antonio

You may ask, how do I find the best bankruptcy attorney for my foreclosure defense, debt relief, etc, near me?

My  suggestion is to look at the ones that are in Bankruptcy Court every day, doing motions to modify, defending lift stays, Chapter 13 confirmations, obtaining cash collateral for their clients.

Where do we find the best,  most active attorneys? Look in the docket calendar for the bankruptcy courts.

Upcoming bankruptcy dockets can be found at

Let’s look at one of the larger dockets of the last year, January 28, 2016 in Judge Gargotta’s Court.

Which attorneys had the most cases?

J. Todd Malaise 387
Joris Robert vanhemelrijck 79

Heidi Mcleod 47

Rick Flume 24

Raymond J Vale Jr 7

Madgalena Gonzales 20

Ricardo Ojeda Jr 11

Lewis E. Buttles 10
John L. Sanders Sr 5
Ruben E. Vasquez 48
Morris Joseph Kirschberg 4

source: Attorney David Bosworth