New Location for Foreclosure Auction and Bid Purchases in Bexar County

For a few months the Buyers, Bidders, Trustees, and Sheriffs have been meeting at a new location, on the First Tuesday of the month, of course, for the foreclosure sale. This is much better than the cramped stairway at the Courthouse, or the Federal building, with its undependable elevators. There is no protection from rain, or Summer heat, though, so it makes bidders work for their bargains. It is actually alongside the old Main Street between the Courthouse and the Elizondo Tower and Justice Center.

The “legal description” is: Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas, at the following location: the Courthouse, between the Bexar County Courthouse and the Paul Elizondo Tower near the intersection of E. Nueva Street & S. Main Avenue.

Some of the properties available are on this site:

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