Residential (Non-Commercial) Real Estate Sales and Closings


Another prospective client called the office recently, asking for legal counsel and assistance on a real estate closing transaction.

This office has had a set price for that type of transaction for some years. In sending this gentleman an email about hiring this office, I put in the general terms that I would use for anybody. With putting them in this post, I can inform the public, and copy those statements back for future prospects.


Thank you for calling about handling a contract for the sale of real estate. As stated on the phone, our office usually handles a non-commercial transaction for $950 in fees, not including any filing fees, or other costs, taxes, certificates, surveys, title insurance, etc.

On these, I expect that to be a set price for any and all work that this office can do the counsel on the sale, from prospective contracts, counseling on inspectors, surveyors, etc,, reviewing contracts and title reports, preparing deed, note, deed of trust,closing statement, etc., if needed, and closing at this office is needed. There is probably some sensible limit if this goes on and on, with multiple buyers, etc, but we really haven’t ever hit that.

Please send me information as to the location, tax receipt, last deed if you have it. [Guadalupe/Wilson/Real/Atascosa/Frio County] doesn’t have quite the availability of documents that Bexar County has.

We can start with a down payment of $450, and with paypal charges of about $10, that can be paid at the bottom of the page on

Please contact me with comments or questions.


And that goes for you, too.